Ashtrays are smoking!

I sell a lot of items in my Etsy shop – Lizzie Tish Vintage. Nothing flies off the virtual shelf faster than a mid century funky ashtray. I have sold over 100 of them over the past couple of years. From kitschy figural astray to travel souvenirs to exquisite Murano glass pieces of art – they all sell!

Why this sudden demand for these utilitarian pieces of art? I speculate that it is the legalization of #cannabis in many states across the US that has created this boom in demand. Smoking cigarettes is still a dirty little secret – displaying an ashtray would certainly let that cat out of the bag. But cannabis – ahhh – now that is something that is hip, acceptable – and now legal. Display away!

I am not a smoker – cigarettes or other indulgences – but I do love hunting for ashtrays! Go figure!

Here are a few of my favorites I found during a quick search on Etsy. Love to promote my fellow Etsy sellers. Full disclosure – one of them is mine. πŸ™‚

Happy smoking!


Royal Haegar Leaf Shaped Ashtray



Drip Glaze Teal Beauty!il_fullxfull.1555661136_7fan.jpg

I LOVE these! Cool placement of the cigarette rests!


Wowza! At $420 this rare beauty is for the serious collector!



I love everything about this! The colors, the shape, the price! Check it out!

I have sold so many ashtrays that I have dedicated an entire section of my ETSY site to them! Looking for the perfect addition to your coffee table? Check them out atΒ


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